by ProfileCreator
A macOS app to create standard & customized configuration profiles & plists.

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ProfileCreator makes the process of creating standard & third-party configuration profiles easier!  From one user-friendly graphical interface, you can build profiles for macOS, iOS, & tvOS.  No need to manually create custom profiles, read extensive documentation, or sleuth out undocumented preferences.  Use ProfileCreator!

Don't want to export a full profile?  Export as a .plist to upload into a 'Custom Payload' & deploy with Jamf!

Over 40 third-party payloads of the most widely used software are supported, including Microsoft Office, NoMAD, Firefox, Google Chrome, and many more!  See the full list of supported payloads.

Helpful notes & documentation links within payloads provide guidance as you determine what and how you want to manage your Macs via profile.

Completely open-source, you and other members of the community can contribute new preferences to existing payloads or new payloads entirely so that all members of the community can benefit.  Checkout the sister ProfileManifests project on Github for more information.

You can also join us on the #profilecreator channel in the Mac Admins Slack workspace.