by PlayerLync, LLC
Manage employee access to offline corporate content and data on mobile devices.

Every day millions of employees around the world depend on PlayerLync’s offline mobile resource enablement to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. PlayerLync has become the industry’s leading and most powerful Mobile Content Management (MCM) platform, designed for organizations to provide frontline employees with any time, anywhere access to secure corporate content on iOS and iPadOS.

Built with the deskless, mobile workforce in mind, PlayerLync puts complete security and control of proprietary data and content back into the hands of your corporate teams. Key features of PlayerLync’s mobile-first platform include:

  • Automatic sleep mode synchronization of mobile content
  • Intelligent network adaptability
  • Mobile device storage optimization
  • Shared device enablement
  • LMS & CMS centralization and mobile extension
  • Enterprise-grade security policies
  • Zero-touch deployment through Jamf's MDM workflow & AppConfig

PlayerLync is a critical part of any IT organization’s mobile infrastructure, security, and cost-saving strategy with expertise in mitigating employee dependency and utilization of wi-fi and cellular data networks. Centralize and control frontline digital content like videos, eLearning courses, operating procedures, and digital forms into one secure sandboxed application on your organization’s mobile devices.

With PlayerLync, your mobile employees can now instantly access the most relevant learning, communication, HR, sales, and operational enablement resources, even on shared devices. And they never have to worry about the strength of their internet connection.

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See how other organizations have enabled frontline employees with offline mobile content experiences.

iOS & iPadOS Mobile Content Management
Secured personalized experiences on shared devices
Controlled offline content access on mobile devices

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