Jamf Healthcare Listener

by Jamf
An EMR integration to Jamf used to automate management of patient use devices

Are you looking for ways to deliver faster, more personalized care to patients during their stay? Give patients more control and a better overall experience by allowing them to see their medical records, close the blinds and call a nurse – all from an iPad that can be securely and remotely erased between patient visits. Jamf Healthcare Listener allows you to automate this vision of better patient care.

Jamf Pro is an MDM solution for Apple products. Jamf Healthcare Listener is an electronic medical record integration to Jamf Pro. It can receive HL7 ADT messages from an EMR system (e.g. discharge, transfer), and automatically trigger desired remote MDM commands in Jamf Pro (remote wipe, remote lock, etc) for iOS and tvOS devices.

Using Jamf Pro and Healthcare Listener together, healthcare systems can automate tasks like setting up an iPad for patients and sending apps, like Epic MyChart Bedside and othe App Store apps, to patients once they are admitted so they stay engaged and informed.  Finally, reset the iPad to factory settings after a patient discharge to digitally sterilize a patient bedside device after patient discharge. No room visit from IT or tech work required by the care team!

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Game Changer
5 / 5
If your hospital has iPads for patient use in inpatient rooms, you need this. It removes the need for staff (nurses love that) to reset the device between patients using a super-slimmed down set of ADT info (InfoSec loves that). The feed back we (IT) have gotten has been glowing.
After testing all is good to go!
5 / 5
This is a really important tool to use for inpatient iPads and for patient devices if you use them. Your hospital security team will love the use of this product and your processes for resetting and wiping devices will be more productive. I do recommend you become familiar with ADT messaging and work closely with your interface teams. Jamf can set up an external Healthcare listener to test with. I recommend doing this so you become familiar with the configuration and toolsets. I highly recommend it.

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