This plugin allows you to sync iPads, iPhones and AppleTVs from Jamf Pro to GLPI along with their associated data.

This is an open source plugin with locale support for English only right now, but translation contributions are welcome for other languages.


GLPI >= 9.4.0
Jamf Pro >= 10.9.0

  • Server/sync configuration is found in Setup > Config under the JAMF Plugin tab.
  • JSS User account used must have read access to mobile devices at least. Additional access may be required depending on what items are synced (software, etc). Only read level access is currently required, but this may change as new features are added.
  • The two automatic actions "importJamf' and 'syncJamf" can only be run in CLI/Cron mode due to how long they can take.
  • There is a rule engine used to filter out imported devices. The default import action is to allow the import.
  • iPads and AppleTVs are imported as Computers, while iPhones are imported as Phones.


  • For each new major version of GLPI supported, the major version number of this plugin gets incremented.
  • For each feature release on the same major GLPI version, the minor version number of this plugin gets incremented.
  • Each bug fix release will increment the patch version number.
  • Bug fixes for the current and the previous major versions of the plugin will be supported at least. Older versions may be supported depending on community interest. This plugin will not be back-ported to support versions older than 9.4.0.
  • I will strive to have at least a beta release for the latest major version of GLPI within a week of the full release.