Enterprise Files

by Stratospherix Ltd
Enterprise Files is the most versatile and secure file management app for iOS

The Enterprise Files app works with Jamf to provide secure network document access.

With unparalleled connectivity and configuration options, Enterprise Files can be used to seamlessly integrate enterprise storage into the iOS workflow, supporting on-premise storage, cloud and SharePoint. Enterprise Files integrates fully with Microsoft Office and iWork apps to keep documents on the network. Your mobile users can now use the same workflow familiar to laptop and desktop users.

Whether it’s PDF annotation, video, audio or image presentations, folder management or document review and edit, Enterprise Files is the ideal tool for the task.

The security of your data is paramount and in conjunction with Jamf, the Enterprise Files app provides invaluable features such as:
* Per App VPN support to protect data on the move.
* Data Loss Prevention settings to protect data at the endpoint.
Use these features in conjunction with the impressive array of configuration options to ensure that mobile document access conforms to your corporate security policies.

Jamf MDM Integration
- Centralised distribution of FileBrowser configuration settings
- Enforced security lockdown
- Conform to corporate Mobile Security Policies
- Prevent users from changing local settings
- Selectively override any local configuration setting
- Distribute file server connection details
- Control whether offline viewing/storage is permitted
- Control whether content can be emailed as attachments

Enterprise Files uses the SMB1, SMB2, and SMB3 network access protocols (also known as CIFS or Windows File Sharing). This enables access to Macs, PCs, NAS drives, & Windows File Servers, including Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server Clusters.
You can also connect to the following cloud storage
- Microsoft OneDrive
- Microsoft OneDrive for Business
- Microsoft SharePoint 2013 or later
- Box.com
- Google Drive (including TeamDrive)
- Dropbox (including Dropbox for Business)
- WebDAV servers
- FTP/FTPS servers
- SFTP servers

For details on how to roll out Enterprise Files to all your users, please contact us.

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