by Desmos
Secure, test-compliant calculators that match national and international tests

Jamf Pro, Jamf School
iOS, iPadOS

Desmos calculators are used by tens of millions of students and educators all over the world.

Desmos has partnered with Jamf to allow Jamf administrators to enable and disable specific features of any of the Desmos calculators, and to exactly match the configuration of one of the many high-stakes exams that incorporates Desmos.

***This product is in private beta — please email to learn about or join our pilot program!***


About Desmos:

Desmos provides scientific, four-function, and graphing calculators. Desmos partners with high-stakes test providers in over 30 states and on several national and international exams, including the digital ACT and the digital SAT, to provide access to our calculators on testing day. Our tools are all WCAG 2.1 compliant at the AA level.

Our calculators are available for free on our website at

For a complete list of assessments where Desmos provides the built-in calculators, see:

For details on Desmos’s accessibility supports, see:

About Desmos + Jamf:

Desmos + Jamf make it possible to:

  • Lock down Desmos calculators to comply with exam requirements, using AppConfig.
  • Prepare students for their state or national assessments by using the exact same calculators and configurations.
  • Enable and disable features as needed, including accessibility features.

Again, this product is in private beta — please email to learn about or join our pilot program!