Beyond Identity

by Beyond Identity
Eliminate passwords and provide users with a frictionless login experience

For Businesses and Higher Education

Beyond Identity secures access to company data, especially for SaaS apps that have larger attack surfaces, by eliminating passwords as an authentication method and stopping all password-based attacks. 

Beyond Identity offers strong authentication, ensuring that organizations can identify the user behind every device, that the device is secure, and that risk is measured and analyzed, automatically at the time of login, on both managed and unmanaged devices.

Security teams turn to Beyond Identity to stop unauthorized access, data exfiltration, and credential-based attacks.  

Beyond Identity replaces passwords with strong factors like device-based asymmetric cryptography and biometrics to protect your organization.

Beyond Identity + Jamf

Beyond Identity integrates with Jamf to stop unauthorized users and insecure devices from accessing critical, organization-owned resources on managed and unmanaged devices.

Beyond Identity extends device security policies to managed and unmanaged devices, continuously assessing risk and trust of the user and the device seeking resource access, and secures interactions with cloud applications and the data stored in them by ensuring user identity using strong authentication.  

Use Cases

Strengthen Passwordless MFA Utilize multiple, secure factors to meet MFA requirements, while eliminating all password-based attacks, man-in-the-middle, phishing, and password database attacks.

Enforce Device Trust Stop unauthorized users and insecure devices from logging into SaaS apps. Combine identity-bound devices with real-time device-health checks for secure access, no MDM required.

Enable Zero Trust Continuously assess risk at every authentication to ensure the user and device meet your security requirements at that time.

Secure Remote Workers Control remote access to organizational resources in the cloud from authorized users and secure devices only, and use as a secure, low-cost, and low-maintenance replacement for VPN.

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