APU Integration to Jamf Pro

by Apple Inc.
Zero Touch Shared Use iOS Deployments for any Industry

Zero Touch Shared Use iOS Deployments for any Industry

Apple Provisioning Utility (APU) is native macOS utility designed to automate large-scale iOS device deployments. Paired with Jamf Pro, IT teams benefit from a customizable framework to deliver zero touch provisioning workflows for users.

Frontline workers in Healthcare, Retail, and other industries benefit from a simple ”grab and go” solution to pickup a configured iOS device for their use. Upon end of shift, the employee simply docks their iOS device back to the APU station, APU will automatically refresh the device for the next user.

Through Jamf Pro's best in class Mac Management capabilities, IT can easily deploy a fleet of Macs, and deploy policies to turn them into an APU station. Supervision Identities can be managed from Jamf Pro, so that an end user can return their device to any APU station. Common actions that Jamf Pro + APU can enable are:

  • Fully automated enrollment/re-enrollment into Jamf Pro via Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager
  • Device health-check/self-healing workflows
  • Device refreshes, including iOS updates and app updates

Enhanced User Experience with Apple Native Features

This workflow is entirely driven by Apple-approved and native solutions. While APU skips the initial steps of iOS Setup Assistant, Apple Business Manager (or Apple School Manager) kicks off an Automated Device Enrollment to Jamf Pro.

With Pre-Stage enrollments in Jamf Pro, IT Admins can choose to skip all remaining iOS Setup Assistant steps that are not automated by APU. For enhanced security and user experience, FaceID / TouchID can be enabled as part of the Pre-Stage enrollment. Upon grabbing a device, end users are prompted to setup FaceID or TouchID, after which they are brought into iOS springboard with configurations and apps installed.

Providing that critical apps support FaceID/TouchID, the user would have a biometric authentication option available every time they access the device. At end of a shift, all of the user’s information is wiped when the device is tethered to an APU station.

Flexible Shared Deployment Models

Jamf's iOS apps designed to power shared-use deployments can fit within this workflow.

  • Jamf Setup: Jamf Setup can be deployed as the only app on the device at the beginning of the shift. The user simply selects their role or persona, taps "submit," and the device is automatically re-configured over the air.
  • Jamf Reset: If the user is having issues with their iOS device, and aren't in proximity of the APU station, they can use Jamf Reset to wirelessly erase and reconfigure their device - no IT required.

Required Apple Professional Services

Please note that Apple's Mobile Device Automation engagement is required; which can be purchased separately from Apple or an Apple authorized reseller.

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