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Showpad is a powerful yet easy-to-use sales enablement platform.

Showpad is a powerful yet easy-to-use sales enablement platform that helps sales and marketing deliver outstanding buying experiences.

Salespeople can discover, present and share the content that matters, and stand out from the competition with a unique buyer experience.
• Discover, present and share all of your sales materials – even when offline
• Customize your presentations for any sales situation
• Present using Showpad Experiences, a series of visual, dynamic presentations
• Get notified when prospects interact with your shared materials
• Easily log all meetings and sharing activities to Salesforce

Marketers can share their most effective content with sales through new delightful, immersive environments.
• Make it effortless for sales reps to find, present and share the most relevant marketing content in every situation
• Build the buyer experiences your salespeople need
• Ensure content in the field is always up-to-date and on brand
• Understand how and when content is being used
• Measure the impact of marketing content on sales results

Sales can drive conversations based on insights to close more deals, and marketing can understand which content is driving sales success.

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