A python SDK for Jamf Pro.

The missing SDK for Jamf Pro. The python-jss can be imported into any python project to provide access to the Jamf API. This project aims to offer simple, elegant, pythonic access to the Jamf Casper JSS API.

Jamf provides access to the JSS and most of its object types through a REST API. python-jss allows you interact with the API to create new objects, list or edit the existing ones, and to upload files to configured distribution points.

The level of coverage for convenience methods and properties is primarily centered on Computer management, and specifically, those aspects which factor into policy and package management.

Automating policy creation is streamlined; however, class MobileDeviceInvitations provides nothing beyond basic JSSObject methods and properties to the API. Those aspects which I use heavily in our organization, and in support ofJSSImporter, tend to be more fleshed out, whereas aspects of the JSS API that I never use tend to be minimalistic. However, based on the code here, it should be easy for anyone wishing to do so to implement a new() method for those objects they're interested in, and I would be happy to include them.

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