Microsoft iOS Device Compliance

by Jamf
Extend Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security with iOS Device Compliance

Device Compliance for iOS is for everyone.

Organizations all around the world are seeing a need for zero-trust device compliance and, with the technology experience being the entire employee experience for a remote workforce, the importance of compliance and security cannot be overstated. Device Compliance for iOS with Apple and Microsoft — the standards in enterprise business — advances your ability to secure and manage your iOS devices, ensure device compliance and support your enterprise Apple fleet.

IT teams can prevent an authorized user from using any iOS device that does not comply to their organization’s security policies, and then leverage Jamf Self Service for remediation.

With Device Compliance for iOS, admins can establish compliance criteria to ensure that iOS devices meet security standards before accessing organizational resources. The device information collected by Jamf is then sent to Azure AD. Because Azure AD holds the information scoped by Jamf Pro on the device record and reads the flag before granting access for each and every sign in to company resources, like OneDrive, Outlook, etc., company assets, data and resources are better protected and secure.

If a device is flagged “not compliant,” access is denied and remediation is required for the end user to continue. The denied end user is directed to Jamf Self Service to begin the remediation process to be brought back into compliance.

For current customers using Jamf Cloud, this new integration will appear in Jamf Pro as Device Compliance for iOS under the Global Management menu.

For additional information and assistance leveraging this new feature, see our technical guide.

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