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MDM onboarding and migration wizard for Mac

MacOnboardingMate (MOM) is a wizard designed both to streamline the onboarding of a Mac in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, and to migrate a Mac from one MDM to another MDM. Jamf Pro, Jamf Fundamentals (Jamf Now) and Jamf School are among the 14 management solutions supported to date.

MOM offers two execution modes which are differentiated by the way MOM is launched and the workflows supported :

  • In Setup mode, MOM is executed manually from an opened user’s session ; this execution mode is aimed to onboard or to migrate a Mac that is already in production
  • In AutoSetup mode, MOM is executed from a management solution, either automatically or from a Self Service ; this execution mode is aimed to onboard a new or resetted Mac enrolled during the Setup Assistant or to migrate a Mac that is already in production.

The MDM migration is the flagship capacity of MacOnboardingMate 4. It implies both the assisted unenrollment from the previous MDM before the enrollment in the new MDM, and the copy of selected inventory values of the migrated device during its exodus.

MOM offers a growing list of capacities in the domains of enrollment, basic and advanced configurations, device renaming, management account customization, directory and other products integration, with specific capacities for Jamf Pro and Jamf School relying on API calls. All of these capacities are enabled via a configuration file with over 100 keys so scripting knowledge is not a requirement. To discover the full list of current capacities, please visit this page.

Some of the latest major additions include accepting a Computer Use Agreement, managing Find My Mac before enrollment, reissuing FileVault PRK during migration, integrating with Slack and Teams for dynamic feedbacks on workflow executions and scheduling allowed time slots for migration to reflect IT Support availability.

Setup - Orchestration of the enrollment in a MDM solution
Setup - MDM Location Selector
Setup - Landing pane displayed when the device is fully onboarded
AutoSetup - Onboarding workflow automatically detected and customization offered
AutoSetup - Landing pane displayed when the device is fully onboarded
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Great product to deploy classrooms
5 / 5 By Chantal IORIO on September 07, 2021
Our school uses MacOnboardingMate to streamline the integration of shared Macs into the Jamf School MDM. MOM essentially manages the renaming of the startup disk, the customization of the management account, the execution of a Shell script for the network configuration, the configuration of the Remote Management service, the installation of the resources required to customize the wallpaper and the Dock when logging in and the installation of the applications through Munki. Preparing Macs is easy. Macs are first provisioned in the Jamf School MDM, then taken out of their box and plugged into the Ethernet network. Once turned on, a Mac uses Auto Advance to enroll automatically in the Jamf School MDM with Automated Device Enrollment and then MOM takes over for their preparation until a panel is displayed confirming that the integration is complete.
Used for a 1:1 Mac Deployment in Education
5 / 5 By Frédéric GAYEL on September 08, 2021
MacOnboardingMate is used in our school since 2018 to onboard 1:1 Mac for teachers, students and staff. Our infrastructure is based on Jamf School and Munki. We use the Setup module to prepare Mac that are already in production from the user’s session and the AutoSetup module to prepare those that are new or restored from the Setup Assistant. We configured the Setup module to ensure that a Mac is enrolled from the correct user’s session and that a device eligible for an Automated Device Enrollment is not enrolled with Device Enrollment due to a misconfiguration in Apple School Manager or Jamf School. We use most of the configuration capacities included except the renaming which is directly managed by Jamf School. MacOnbordingMate installs NoMAD to ensure that the helper is installed ASAP during the preparation. In 2020, MacOnboardingMate helped for the MDM migration by facilitating the unenrollment from Apple Profile Manager and the reenrollment in Jamf School.

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