LifeSaver Mobile

by LifeSaver Mobile
Software solution to prevent employee phone use while driving

Jamf Pro
iOS, iPadOS

LifeSaver Mobile is a fleet safety solution that reduces employee phone distraction while driving. Our solution is 100% software, no beacons or dongles to purchase, install, maintain or upgrade. The software consists of a mobile application that's deployed to every employee phone, with each app paired to the company's cloud-based fleet portal which is used by the company's managers to administer the LifeSaver program. 

  • The mobile app runs on Apple devices, and proactively prevents and discourages phone usage through visual intervention, stopping the problem before it begins, which means less coaching for your managers.
  • The managers use the browser-based fleet portal to deploy the app, configure app behavior and view/receive usage and compliance reporting for their respective drivers.

LifeSaver Mobile supports setup with AppConfig so Jamf Pro admins can seamlessly configure their app and publish those configurations to devices creating a low touch experience for drivers while on-boarding. By working with Jamf Pro, LifeSaver Mobile is able to bring full screen lock to iOS devices.