Jackalope is a Slack app to receive notifications on events from your Jamf Pro Server to any number of Slack channels on your Slack Team.

After installing Jackalope into a channel, you will be provided with a unique URL on the Jackalope server to send Jamf Pro webhook events to. These events will appear with helpful information, color schemes, and icons.

You can receive notifications for the following Jamf Pro events:

  • ComputerAdded
  • ComputerCheckIn
  • ComputerInventoryCompleted
  • JSSShutdown
  • JSSStartup
  • MobileDeviceCheckIn
  • MobileDeviceEnrolled
  • MobileDeviceUnEnrolled
  • PatchSoftwareTitleUpdated
  • RestAPIOperation

Learn more about setting up your own Jackalope server at the documentation link.

You can submit feature requests and bugs using the support link.

Contribute to developing Jackalope by forking the project on GitHub.