by Installomator
Installomator simplifies and automates deployment of more than 300 applications.

The Installomator script can be used with Jamf Pro to automatically install or update software on the client. Instead of uploading every version of the software and hosting in your Distribution Point or Jamf cloud, the Installomator script will download the latest version of the software directly from the vendor website and perform the necessary steps for installation or update locally, on each client.

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Game changer
5 / 5 By user-LPbnmornag on September 02, 2021
Integral part of my patch management workflows!
Absolutely Great
5 / 5 By bilal.habib on September 02, 2021
I use Installomator to deploy and update several base apps to my end users. One of my favourite features about Installomator is the log it outputs, it is extremely detailed and structured in a clear and concise manner.
Great tool to save space and network of your Repo
5 / 5 By maurits - prowarehouse on September 02, 2021
I worked with my own 'download latest version of Chrome' scripts, so I get the idea and like it. I love the DeveloperID checking, which makes it more secure than my own scripts. In our org the company network is severely limited, so users welcome the speed improvement by downloading from the source, not the internal repo! With installomator many policies to install/update an app are one-line scripts like `installomator app-name ; dockutil -add app-name` (with full path :-)
Invaluable tool
5 / 5 By nanderson on September 02, 2021
This has saved me so much time and made the experience for my end users so much better. Thank you to all those that contribute to this project.
Simply Awesome
5 / 5 By Samstar777 on September 02, 2021
If you want to create an automation on app management solution with jamf patch managemnt then, here is the best solution available for you. Best In Class!!!
Amazing tool thats covers a major gap in Jamf Pro
5 / 5 By lbr on September 02, 2021
We use Installomator to deploy and patch many third party apps. It essentially covers the major gap that Jamf Pro has around third party app packages and updates. Integrating Installomator means we spend less time uploading third party pkgs and just let Installomator provide the latest version for all users!
One script every jamf admin needs
5 / 5 By apizz on September 03, 2021
Save yourself the time and effort of manually keeping your deployed software up-to-date and let Installomator do it for you. Maintained and trusted by the MacAdmin community!
we absolutely love this tool
5 / 5 By egjerde on October 21, 2021
As a startup with a lean IT team, using Installomator to fetch and deploy the latest supported version of things (without having to build any packages!) has been a wonderful experience for us. It's simple, it doesn't break things, it validates the package with Gatekeeper... just really simple and smooth. We highly recommend!

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