Compliance Reporter

by Jamf
Securing corporate endpoints is critical.
With increased cloud usage, web-hosting platforms, complex supply chain networks, and the multiplicity of compliance and regulations, many enterprises are placing administrative, operational and legal controls on their environment. However, regulatory responsibilities around information security are not only an IT function, but a shared critical business function that ultimately protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. As such, reports on device compliance status providing the visibility needed to validate system integrity and audit device activity is necessary.
Compliance Reporter provides an auditing and compliance solution for macOS to monitor endpoint security settings, maintaining in-depth visibility to critical network, process, system and user activity for IT and Security teams.  
Compliance Reporter provides real-time insights into macOS:
  • Regulatory Compliance: Meet and exceed the compliance and auditing requirements of NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171 and the DISA STIG, with out-of-the-box support for collecting the relevant data from your macOS devices. Compliance baselines adapt and extend the OS hardening standards outlined in the macOS Security Compliance Project, as recommended by Apple.
  • Continuously Streaming Compliance and Audit Data: Minimize non-compliance exposure and gain deep visibility into your Mac fleet by streaming activity data and compliance settings to your SIEM, data lake or other analysis tools in real time. 
  • Part of the Jamf Platform: Manage compliance of your Mac fleet in your familiar Jamf Pro instance. Compliance Reporter identifies devices in real time that deviate from security benchmarks and baselines. 
  • Light Footprint: Maintain your end-user’s experience on their devices while still collecting all the data you need to enable your compliance and auditing programs. Compliance Reporter is invisible to the end-user during normal monitoring operations, doesn’t require a reboot for installation and has extremely low impact device resources. 
  • Aligned with Apple: By leveraging Apple’s security model, preserve the user experience on Macs in your highly regulated and government organizations while collecting Mac auditing and compliance data.
  • Day of release support: Built upon the native frameworks in macOS, Compliance Reporter continues the Jamf promise of supporting Apple technology on the day of release. Update your Apple technology on your schedule, not ours.
Compliance Reporter data in JSON format can be forwarded to SIEMs or other data analytics systems
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