Cisco SecureX

by Cisco
A simplified security experience

In security, attackers aren’t customers only concern. You’re racing against time to keep up with business needs. Your teams are overwhelmed with a slew of disconnected vendors and products. It’s getting harder to focus on the initiatives to support growing the business. Why is that?

  • Architecture has complexity due to lack of orchestration between technologies across multiple vendors
  • Context is hidden in multiple consoles with inconsistent alerts needed to make faster and smarter decisions
  • Process has friction due to outdated playbooks and broken scripts that require manual upkeep
  • Resources are limited due to talent and budget shortage

To confidently tackle these challenges, you need a platform approach to security. And that’s why every Cisco Secure customer is entitled to a simpler experience with SecureX. SecureX is a cloud-native, built-in platform experience within our portfolio and connected to your infrastructure. SecureX provides you with:

  • Simplicity to integrate technologies instantly for a unified ecosystem 
  • Visibility to view threats from a single location and maintain contextual awareness
  • Efficiency to eliminate friction with pre-built workflows and automation

Built-in integration with Jamf Pro allow the visibility from within your management solution, to be correlated with data sources from integrated products.

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