Carousel Digital Signage

by Tightrope Media Systems
Carousel digital signage software keeps your digital signage content fresh.

Create spaces where people feel welcomed, informed and connected using digital signage.

Carousel is digital signage content management software that allows you to quickly create, publish and manage your messages throughout your facility. Leverage your existing Apple infrastructure by turning your Apple TV devices into powerful media players.

You can seamlessly switch between digital signage content and airplay sessions which allows you to deliver urgent, location specific, visual communications immediately. Reach your students and staff everywhere by deploying lightweight player software onto iPad, iPhone, and even to your Mac desktop as a screen saver, expanding the reach of your visual communication to the entire Apple ecosystem. 

Get true zero-touch deployment by leveraging MDM tools such as Jamf Pro. Simply purchase your Apple TV, connect Jamf Pro and Carousel accounts, and tell Jamf Pro to enroll these Apple TV devices as Carousel media players. Hook up your Apple TV to your network and power them on. They will automatically provision themselves, install the Carousel Signage app, and immediately start displaying your content! 

MDM software makes managing scores of Apple TV units a snap! Manage your signage network with the tools you already know, Carousel, Apple TV and Jamf. Visit our website to learn more.

Carousel for Apple TV is a great solution for deploying digital signage in conference rooms, classrooms, entryways, and common areas.
Students and teachers can effortlessly share, collaborate and inform with Apple TV and Carousel.
Bring communication to teachers and students quickly with Carousel by leveraging connected classroom tech.
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