Auto-Update for Jamf

by dataJAR
Automated application packaging and deployment service for Jamf Pro.

Auto-Update for Jamf is a cloud-based service that integrates seamlessly with Jamf Pro to provide fully automated application packaging, deployment and updating capabilities for the management of macOS devices.

Once configured, Auto-Update will equip Jamf Pro administrators with an extensive catalogue of more than 500+ applications that can be delivered and kept fully updated without the need for manual packaging and uploading, or the overhead of continued policy and profile administration.

Auto-Update is designed to bring the App Store-like update experience to all third-party applications outside of the Mac App Store. In addition to keeping hundreds of applications updated, the dataJAR Auto-Update framework can be leveraged to provide in-place macOS upgrades for managed Mac devices, with minimal configuration required by Jamf admins.

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