Alectrona Patch

by Alectrona
Automate patch management on macOS - zero packaging required.

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Alectrona Patch is made by Mac Admins for Mac Admins
Simple, lightweight agent written in Swift. Painless software deployment.

  • 160+ apps & growing
    A tool to install or upgrade over 160 Mac applications without the need for any packaging
  • Enhanced security & certificate validation
    Validate code signatures of applications and packages on the fly prior to installation
  • Deploying & updating apps is easy
    Retain admin control over automated installation and updates, so you deploy only what you need
  • User consent for updates
    Ensure your users do not get interrupted
  • Cloud-native, no server or package hosting required
    Deploy the latest apps directly from the software vendor
  • Seamless integration with Jamf Pro, Jamf School & Jamf Now


How it works:

  1. Deploy: Deploys the agent package and a preconfigured profile via MDM to install and/or update applications automatically.
  2. Compare: Compares the installed version of applications with our Patch Catalog to determine if an update is necessary prior to downloading the application’s install media.
  3. Validate: Validates code signatures of applications and packages on the fly prior to installation.
  4. Prompt: Checks for user consent. If user postpones, the install media will be cached locally and does not need to be re-downloaded.
  5. Update: Determines if an application is running prior to update and prompts the user to update or postpone.

Advanced Features:

  1. Installer Caching: Cache an application’s install media for installation later using the "cache" subcommand.
  2. Update Unmanaged Apps: When installing software, you can leverage the "update-only" flag to only perform an update if the application is already installed and out-of-date.
  3. Custom Workflows: You can easily run pre-install and post-install commands using the pre-configured options.
  4. Simulation Mode: Included is a handy "dry-run" option to run through the download / install / upgrade process for an application without actually installing.