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View your Jamf assets from within Zendesk

This Zendesk sidebar app gathers device information from Jamf Pro based on email from submitted ticket.

The following information is displayed:

  • If an iOS or macOS device is found based on email in ticket and email assigned in Jamf Pro, the device information will display in the sidebar.
  • If no devices or multiple devices are found, you will be prompted with a search bar to gather information based on a chosen search term and dropdown list.


  • Assigned User
  • Computer Name
  • Serial Number
  • Last Check-in
  • Custom Extension Attribute 1
  • Custom Extension Attribute 2
  • Custom Extension Attribute 3


  • Assigned User
  • iOS Device Name
  • iOS Device Type
  • Serial Number
  • Last Check-in

Please submit bug reports to Issues. Pull requests are welcome.


  1. Upload the .zip to your Private Apps section of Zendesk
  2. In the App Configuration settings ensure you supply:


  • On-prem and Jamfcloud users!
  • Parses Zendesk ticket for email used to create ticket
  • Uses that email to find assigned devices in Jamf Pro
  • If either a macOS or iOS device is found, data will show in sidebar
  • If user has multiple devices, a hotlink taking you to that user in Jamf Pro will show. Along with a quick search tool to GET a return from Jamf Pro API.
  • For macOS, in App Settings in Zendesk, you can add the ID's of 3 extension attributes to gather more information that is not default
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