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Wandera provides a zero trust cloud security solution to protect the modern work

Wandera provides zero trust cloud security for enterprises to protect their remote users. Wandera’s services (“Services”) protect against threats, filter content and enable secure access to cloud and private applications. The Services are enabled though the Wandera Security Cloud delivered across a global network, and managed through a customer administration console called RADAR.

The three core Services are Threat Defense, Data Policy and Private Access. Our Security Suite compromises Threat Defense and Data Policy (but not Private Access)

Wandera Threat Defense protects against threats to remote user devices, such as malware, rogue or insecure applications, phishing, cryptojacking, data exfiltration and network attacks. Threats are detected at the endpoint via Wandera’s endpoint application, and also prevented in the network via Wandera’s Security Cloud. As well as protecting against threats, Wandera helps organizations detect vulnerabilities, flagging potential risks such as outdated OS versions or risky configuration settings. The solution is designed to integrate with leading UEM and SIEM offerings.

Wandera Data Policy provides web content filtering across all remote user traffic (both cellular and Wi-Fi) and data management features like tethering control, data capping and compression. The solution is easy to deploy, featuring the installation of an endpoint application and remote user traffic routing via Wandera’s Security Cloud. The solution integrates seamlessly with leading UEM solutions to further simplify deployment and enable synchronized device lifecycle management. Wandera’s Data Policy is also available on Windows 10 devices via installation of a tamper-proof client.

Customers with our Security Suite may optionally add our Broker service which enables seamless secure access to cloud services using the Wandera Cloud Gateway as a trusted network route between a sanctioned devices and a SaaS (or other public facing) application. Customers can choose from our secure shared egress IP infrastructure or dedicated IPs for a premium.

Wandera Private Access (WPA) provides secure remote access to applications using Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) principles. The solution integrates seamlessly with IdP solutions such as MSFT AAD, Okta and Ping Identity for modern authentication. WPA supports public, private cloud, SaaS and on-prem tunnelling and access can be configured using identity, risk and other context-based policies.

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