Vigilance Pro

by Vigilant Applications Ltd
VigilancePro Retail seamlessly integrates EPOS terminals with security systems.

Our VigilancePro Retail software seamlessly integrates EPOS terminals with physical security systems, including CCTV, to provide a comprehensive answer to retail issues in three key areas - shrinkage, staff productivity/training, and promotions management.

An Integrated Approach

VigilancePro Retail provides profit protection in any retail environment by leveraging your existing investment in physical security systems. Integration of physical and logical security systems in-store also helps improve risk management processes and delivers tangible security, operational and financial benefits.

Using a single agent, VigilancePro Retail uniquely links every key press within cash register software with CCTV evidence, highlighting unusual or suspicious transactions individually, and proving any anomalous behaviour. This information is presented in a single management console view, showing the correlation between the activity at the EPOS and the CCTV footage.


VigilancePro Retail combats staff shrinkage by monitoring every key press on EPOS devices and linking this with CCTV surveillance systems, to create an irrefutable audit trail of all activity at payment points. All transactions - including voids, refunds, no sales, and supervisor code use - are recorded along with detailed real-time reporting of exceptions that might indicate shrinkage.

Staff Productivity and Training

Analysis of transactions and actions over time can be used to measure staff productivity, highlighting exceptional performance or potential staff training needs. VigilancePro Retail enables organisations to immediately:

  • Measure staff productivity
  • Highlight exceptional performance
  • Identify individual training requirements
  • Measure and report against Franchise SLAs
  • Guarantee compliance with company standards
  • Investigate complaints immediately with visual audit trail support
  • Promotions Management

VigilancePro® Retail enables you to measure the success of promotions by providing in depth analysis and reporting on sales of individual product lines and tracking of use of promotional codes, vouchers, coupons and gift certificates. This allows you to:

  • Drive highly effective promotions
  • Measure success by individual, shift, terminal, store, region or country
  • Identify up-sell opportunities
  • Prompt staff with dialog boxes 'in sale'

Addressing these three key areas with a single cost-effective solution offers retailers an opportunity to deliver a rapid return on investment.

Detailed Visual Audit Trails

VigilancePro® Retail integrates with a wide range of both traditional DVR and IP-based CCTV systems, eliminating the need for costly upgrades. As well as CCTV frames, each notification sent to the VigilancePro Server can include EPOS terminal screen shots - further enhancing the information available centrally and assisting decision making and analysis through synchronised playback.

The software maximises your existing investment by integrating easily with analytics and data warehouse systems. Events can be forwarded into your existing business intelligence systems that contain links to visual evidence in the form of screen shots and camera images. Where there is not an in-house BI solution, VigilancePro includes full enterprise-class dashboarding and detailed reporting.

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