by Vanta Inc
Automated security and compliance, starting with SOC 2

Vanta makes it easy to get and maintain a SOC 2. 

The Vanta platform leverages read-only integrations with the most popular cloud services, identity providers, task trackers, MDMs, and more to automate the complex process of gathering evidence and preparing for security audits. On average, Vanta customers are ready for their SOC 2 audits in a matter of weeks, as compared to 3-5 months on their own.

Trusted by over 800 SaaS companies, Vanta helps organizations improve their security posture and demonstrate this high standard of security to potential customers.

Using Vanta and Jamf Pro:

Having an endpoint security solution in place is critical for a SOC 2. Vanta's integration automatically pulls data from Jamf to test for malware detection on computers, employee hard drive encryption, and password managers installed as applications.

Learn more:

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