by Levenick Enterprises LLC
A GUI tool designed to simplify mass updates to your devices in Jamf.


Please note that The MUT is designed, built, and maintained outside of Jamf. It is not affiliated with Jamf, it is not officially maintained by Jamf.

This app is a learning project for me to learn how to use Xcode and program in Swift, and while I will do my best to maintain it, I cannot guarantee its functionality.

What it is:

The MUT is a native macOS application written in Swift which allows Jamf admins to make mass updates to attributes (such as username, asset tag, or extension attribute) of their devices and users in Jamf.

Admins can enter the URL for their Jamf server (whether cloud hosted or on-premise), a username and password for The MUT to use, select the device type, attribute type, and unique identifier type from dropdowns, and browse to their CSV file. A pre-flight check will give a preview of the actions to be taken, and then the admin can submit their updates.

5.0 Out of 5 Based on 15 reviews
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5 / 5 15/15
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Should be part of JAMF Pro
5 / 5
I can't tell you how many times this software has saved me hours and hours of work. The functionality should be built into Jamf. Being able to take a list of devices and manipulate them within Jamf with ease (especially prestages!) is a godsend.
Must Have Especially for iOS
5 / 5
This is a time saver 100%…I couldn’t do my job effectively without this tool! Quickly update mass info for a full csv file full of devices!!!
Excellent mass action tool
5 / 5
This app is a lifesaver(read: time saver). It is consistently a go-to tool when you need mass changes. I use it regularly with 100% satisfaction.
Time saver
5 / 5
a must have tool for managing devices with Jamf!
Must Have!
5 / 5
MUT makes it super easy to update device records in bulk. Just fill out the template, attach it and go. We update room numbers in jamf frequently and would not be able to do it without The MUT.
JAMF Pro and MUT
5 / 5
Mut provides a fantastic way to Easly bulk upload data to Jamf
Time Saver for iOS Management
5 / 5 By jwalkerNSD on September 16, 2021
This tool is a must have for managing iOS devices. Saves us tons of work!
Great Application
5 / 5 By gabe2385 on September 16, 2021
Been using Mutt for years as a time saver, instead of using the API with a script MUT is a great tool to save you time.
Jamf Admin Toolbox Must Have!
5 / 5 By Ktrojano on September 24, 2021
If this app isn’t part of your toolbox, add it now! It has saved me countless hours of work when needing to do mass updates in Jamf. I’ve used it since version 1.0 and it keeps getting better with each update.
Excellent tool
5 / 5 By Karl on October 20, 2021
Makes it so simple to manage Devices.
The MUT saved my butt!
5 / 5 By woaikonglong on October 28, 2021
When I was new to admining JAMF Pro (read: I was the new girl in IT, and not allowed to touch any of the databases, MDMs, etc. I could only watch as per the IT head. The old guy retired and gave me a two-day walk-through, and then the keys to the kingdom with the wise words of "don't tell the boss how you know, make him sweat and think you're a genius".). Welp... the next thing on our agenda was the iPad rollover, and then the IT head admits he doesn't know how the kingdom runs! Didn't know how to get the devices in, let alone change any of the device information! Starts talking about switching to a new MDM! I said, give me a week. Then I ran off to the forums and learned as much as I could, played as much as I could and learned about The MUT! THIS was the TOOL I needed since we do user-based deployment leveraging smart groups based on the user details which we hide in editable information like the Device Name. One week later we are rolled over thanks to MUT simplifying the process of assigning information to manage our devices and align to information and users! Turns out JAMF Pro and I get along great, and the MUT makes it 1000x easier to quickly affect change! MUT makes me look good, and saved my butt from another MDM!
Makes iOS Data Updates a breeze!!!
5 / 5 By JuFincher on November 04, 2021
This tool is so useful…take a CSV file with your data and apply to a list of iOS devices and add to Static groups! Boom! Love it!
MUT - An Awesome App
5 / 5 By Samstar777 on December 27, 2021
MUT makes it super easy to do a bulk record update in Jamf. Be it Static Group Update, Extension Attribute update or room number update in jamf and this would not be easy without The MUT app.
Such a Great tool
5 / 5 By MatG on February 02, 2022
Really awesome tool for updating device info on mass and huge time saver
The MUT & MUT Classic
5 / 5 By surajitbapan on February 25, 2022
Great. simple and lightweight app, simplifies the batch updation job.

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