Please note that The MUT is designed, built, and maintained outside of Jamf. It is not affiliated with Jamf, it is not officially maintained by Jamf.

This app is a learning project for me to learn how to use Xcode and program in Swift, and while I will do my best to maintain it, I cannot guarantee its functionality.

If you are having trouble with your CSV not parsing properly, and you are exporting your CSV from Excel, try using "Windows Comma Separated (.csv)". Windows Comma Separated uses a slightly different linebreak character, which can sometimes play nicer with the CSV parsing functions in The MUT.

What it is:

The MUT is a native macOS application written in Swift 3 which allows Jamf admins to make mass updates to attributes (such as username, asset tag, or extension attribute) of their devices and users in Jamf.

Admins can enter the URL for their Jamf server (whether cloud hosted or on-premise), a username and password for The MUT to use, select the device type, attribute type, and unique identifier type from dropdowns, and browse to their CSV file. A pre-flight check will give a preview of the actions to be taken, and then the admin can submit their updates.

Steps for use:

Format your CSV

  1. Fill out Column A with the unique identifiers to be used (serial numbers or Jamf ID numbers)
  2. Fill out Column B with the values for the attributes to be updated
  3. Headers are optional. If you include them, The MUT will throw a 404 on line 1, but it will ignore this error and continue updating the rest of the rows
  4. If you are looking to strip values off of devices (such as removing the username from all of your iPads) you can include a header row so that The MUT knows the column exists, and then leave the rest of Column B blank. This will strip set the value for that attribute to null