Setapp for Teams provides your business with over 170 handpicked applications at a single subscription.

Spread the Setapp desktop app among your team and they will instantly get access to virtually all the software needed to cover your business needs. All within a single and transparent subscription. Setapp’s collection of apps provides select solutions for project management, design, productivity, finance, content creation, Mac maintenance, you name it.

Member and device management

Get Setapp for Teams through Jamf and take advantage of the industry-standard approach to distributing the application to your team members. As soon as you’ve done that, take full control of your applications, team members, and their devices via your Setapp’s team owner account.

Easy software administration

Save tons of time and effort spent on software distribution without the need to install all applications by hand. Not to mention keeping all the records of purchased software licenses. Your system administrator has better things to do, trust us on that.

Unlimited seats, multiple devices

Expand or adjust your Setapp subscription according to the size of your team and the Macs they are using. With Setapp for Teams, you won’t be paying for unneeded licenses and team members you no longer or not yet have on the team. Less cost, maximum value.

Get Setapp for Teams and watch your business grow with software restraints leveled out.