Centralize your Apple inventory and device reporting with this integration. Collect and sync macOS, iOS, and tvOS device information from Jamf Pro into ServiceNow. Inventory data such as device type, user information, hardware details, and more are synced to your ServiceNow data, so you can build centralized reports on all Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV devices that are managed with Jamf Pro.

Report on applications that are installed. Find out which iOS devices haven’t been updated to the latest software release. See how many of your Macs have disk encryption turned on. Complete all these reports within the same system you currently use for asset management. IT admins using Jamf Pro gain the ability to have their Apple inventory in one central location and perform advanced reporting inside ServiceNow. Start using the Jamf Pro Discovery integration today!

Key Features

  • Automatically collect and sync user, hardware, and security data for each Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV in your ServiceNow dashboards.
  • Run reports on any inventory category (and even make a dashboard view for instant report visibility).
  • Real-time data sync for newly enrolled devices into Jamf Pro
  • Scheduled Discovery times for updates to inventory
  • Customizable Asset Management Integration
  • CMDB Integration
  • Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV device info & Application reporting on data from Jamf Pro