Scout is a web based application that can be used to aggregate devices from multiple Jamf Pro servers. It features powerful reporting features, as well as the ability to send MDM commands across multiple servers from a single pane of glass. Scout also features a fully functional patch server. It's built on a proven web stack and exposes a powerful REST API that can be used by scripts or other third party implementations. Scout is fully open source, free, and provided as is. No support or maintenance is provided. That being said, the project welcomes contributions and pull requests for new features or bug fixes.

Everyone should start here with the full admin guide!

Full installation guides can be found in the /guides directory for multiple platforms on GitHub. All of the frontend code lives in the /app directory, and the rest api server code is in the/api directory. There is also a docker image available.

API Docs can be found for the application after installation by navigating to These are fully interactive swagger docs where the REST endpoints can also be tried out. Endpoints exposed by scout include things like /devices or /servers to get lists of devices and servers contained inside of scout. Anything you can do in the UI, there is a REST Endpoint for.

For more guides, up to date screenshots and information, please visit the Github page.