Scandit Keyboard Wedge

by Scandit
Enterprise grade barcode scanning for any app

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Scandit enables businesses and consumers to interact with everyday objects by blending the physical and digital worlds using computer vision. Scandit technology is a unique machine learning platform combining leading-edge barcode scanning, text recognition (OCR), object recognition and augmented reality (AR) for use on any camera-equipped smart device, from smartphones to drones, wearables and robots. Scandit solutions take cost and time out of operations and improve employee and customer satisfaction.

Scandit Keyboard Wedge is a keyboard app that can be installed on a smart device to add scanning into any field. Keyboard Wedge will work, without any integration, with any app (native or web-based) without changing the app itself. This is a useful solution for organizations who can't or don’t want to modify an app to make use of our barcode scanning. When the end user opens any app using their smart device, they simply tap into any field and the keyboard opens with a barcode scanning button present which is often beneficial for apps that can’t easily be changed.

Video of Keyboard Wedge

Example Use Cases

There are many examples where the Keyboard Wedge can help solve a business problem. Here are three typical scenarios.

  • Legacy apps - The app cannot be easily modified because it is too old and internal understanding of the app is low.
  • 3rd party apps - The app cannot be modified because it was made by a 3rd party and the organization can only do minor modifications on it.
  • Scarce development resources - The app cannot be modified due to lack of resources/time.

AppConfig Support

To enable true zero-touch deployment, the Keyboard Wedge supports AppConfig to automatically deploy registration and settings to the app. Once set, your users won't have to manually activate the Keyboard Wedge via QR code, and configuration changes are automatically distributed to all devices. This increases ease of use and adoption, while providing a streamlined end-user experience. See this support article for more information.