Red Canary MDR

by Red Canary
24/7 expert threat detection and response for Jamf customers

As cyber attacks become more sophisticated and prevalent, Jamf and Red Canary have formed a strategic partnership to bring an integrated Apple-native solution for threat detection and response to the market. Jamf Protect blocks known threats and protects Apple devices from ransomware and other malware. Red Canary uses telemetry generated by Jamf Protect to analyze device and user activity for risky behavior. When potential threats are identified, Red Canary’s analysts investigate to determine actual risk early enough to prevent harm and data loss.

The solution delivers three benefits to customers: 

  • Red Canary helps operationalize alerts Jamf Protect so organizations can be confident that threats are being understood and eliminated.
  • When a real security incident is confirmed, Jamf and Red Canary enable an effective response, helps reduce risk, and provides information so that security teams can communicate incidents in a clear way.
  • Red Canary and Jamf provide a complete security posture built on best-of-breed tools, for companies with or without full security teams.

With this partnership, organizations no longer have to be security experts to bring expert level security into their enterprise. 

Red Canary is an industry leader in Managed Detection and Response (MDR), marrying endpoint security data analytics with threat detection, automated investigation and managed incident response. Red Canary is used by organizations both large and small to ensure EDR success while improving the productivity and effectiveness of enterprise security teams.

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