by Alexandra Ulsh
A lightweight Node.js wrapper for Jamf Pro's JSS REST API

node-jamf is a lightweight node.js wrapper for the JSS REST API. Currently this module only supports GET requests for the JSS REST API. Support for other methods such as PUT, POST, and DELETE will be added later.

Support for the JSS Universal API may also be added later.

npm install jamf

You can find more examples in the examples directory of this project.

You need to configure the Jamf API client before it can make any API calls. You'll need the following for configuration:

  • user: username for the JSS user accessing the Jamf API
  • password: password for the above account
  • jamfUrl: the URL of your JSS instance, whether on premise or in the cloud (
  • format: the format of the returned data, must be either xml (Jamf API default) or json

We recommend you create a new dedicated, least privilege API user for these scripts. The user must have the necessary privileges (create, read, update, or delete) on the JSS objects

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