Lookout Mobile Threat Defense

by Lookout, Inc.
Advanced endpoint security for Jamf Pro enterprise users.

Trusted by over 200M users in over 150 countries, Lookout protects against the full spectrum of mobile risk by leveraging our cloud-based threat intelligence to detect and protect against malicious and side loaded apps, phishing and content threats, rooting/jailbreak risks and network attacks. 

If a user’s device encounters a threat, Lookout will alert Jamf Pro of the specific threat. This enables an organization to determine the conditional access policies that enable and control access to sensitive corporate data. Lookout provides clear remediation instructions to users so they can resolve the threat and regain their normal corporate access.

The app stays connected with our cloud-based platform to deliver advanced protection on the device that also preserves user privacy and is optimized for processor speed and battery life.

Key features include:

  • Continuous Conditional Access for iOS threats including phishing, side-loaded malware app and network threat detection.
  • Phishing and content protection from all sources including email, SMS messages and social media platforms.
  • Advanced application behavior visibility for protection against data leakage and compliance policy enforcement.
  • Protection of user credentials and sensitive data related to O365 and Google productivity apps.
  • Seamless deployment and activation for users.
  • Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities.
  • Protects customer end-user privacy and PII compliance. 
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