JSS Resource Tools

by Beyond the Box
A utility that imports, exports and updates Jamf Pro resources en-masse.

JSS Resource Tools is a command line utility written in Python that utilises the Jamf Pro (previously Casper Suite) API in order to import, export and update JSS resources en-masse. Whilst its purposes are many, popular examples include:

  • Exporting mobile device or computer records to CSV (with custom fields, primary keys & extension attributes)
  • Mass import of users
  • Mass assignment of mobile device or computer records to users
  • Mass update of mobile device or computer custom fields & extension attributes
  • Automated synchronisation of JSS data with external asset management or similar systems

JSS Resource Tools is developed and maintained by Beyond the Box. We first developed this script to assist with large scale 1:1 Mac & iOS rollouts into schools where traditional directory user assignment was not being utilised. Through many iterations over a few years, it has helped us build and manage successful Casper and Jamf Pro deployments for our customers.

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