JamfLog for Sublime Text

by James Corcoran | jorks.net
JamfLog is a Sublime Text syntax highlighter for Jamf Pro server logs.

JamfLog is available via Sublime Text’s built-in App Store aka Package Control

Video Instructions: 📺 Watch JamfLog for Sublime Text - Install Instructions and Usage on YouTube.

Logs are not the easiest thing to read and often they are most useful when the pressure is on. JamfLog uses the power of Sublime Text syntax highlighting for Jamf Pro server logs.

Open a JAMFSoftwareServer.log file in Sublime Text, set the syntax to JamfLog and it will highlight and format the log, making it easier to read for humans. Use in combination with features like:

  • Code Folding - To hide/show all stack traces
  • Word Wrap - Make long lines easier to read
  • Inline XML Formatting - When in Debug
How nice are the colours!
Code Folding makes the important lines stand out.
Toggle Word Wrap to manage those extra-long lines.
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