Jamf Migrator

by Jamf Migrator
Migrate data granularly between Jamf Pro servers.

Replicate all or part of a management framework from one Jamf Pro server to another via the API or remove unwanted items.  Items can also be move/copied to a particular site.

4.5 Out of 5 Based on 4 reviews
Overall rating
5 / 5 3/4
4 / 5 0/4
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Great for test instances
3 / 5
A real time saver for replicating instances. We've used it to better mimic our production environment in our test instance. We ran into a few seemingly random crashes while using it, but otherwise it does the job well.
Saviour to migrate 1 instance to 2nd jamf instance
5 / 5
1. Super easy to migrate one jamf instance to other Jamf instance, like in our case we migrated from test to production jamf instance. 2. Takes care for all packages, policies, profiles etc..
Great Application
5 / 5 By gabe2385 on September 16, 2021
Open source and great Application for migrating from server to server. I use this all the time to move my prod to my Dev to mimic what is already implemented.
Jamf Migrator/Backup Tool
5 / 5 By surajitbapan on February 25, 2022
Great app, I personally use it to take a backup of the required objects from my Jamf Cloud instance and also replicate it to my test instance.

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