ITS Jamf ServiceNow Integration

by ITS
Import hardware & software data from Jamf Pro to ServiceNow.

Import hardware & software data from Jamf Pro according to CMDB and SAM-P best practices to enable your help desk and asset managers using the same tables as your other CMDB/asset integrations

This is the only Jamf integration able to import publisher names required for SAM-P. These publisher names are missing from the Jamf API, but our exclusive extension allows you to fill in the blanks necessary to do Mac Software Asset Management on ServiceNow - Finally, you can manage your macs in ServiceNow with the same processes and level of detail as your Windows and Linux machines!

NEW IN VERSION 1.2 - You can now use the ITS Jamf Integration to automate the installation and removal of software from ServiceNow! Use our integration's UI Wizard to import Jamf Policies and create Software Catalog Items with pre-built workflows that automate the request, approval, and fulfillment of software from your ServiceNow Service Portal. You can also leverage our workflows to automate the removal of under-utilized software!

Our integration brings Jamf Computers and Devices (iOS/tvOS) into the out-of-box tables (cmdb_ci_computer, cmdb_ci_comm, cmdb_sam_sw_install) without adding a bunch of CI columns. We also help you import software usage data to reclaim underutilized software, potentially offering a huge ROI to customers with SAM-P enabled. On top of that, we have a major focus on User Experience as evidenced by the modern UI of our Guided Setup and Import Dashboard, helping you get up and running in minutes and gain long term actionable insights into your Jamf Data!

Key Features
With our Jamf Integration, you can now automate and simplify the process of importing your asset data from Jamf Pro into your ServiceNow CMDB. Now in version 1.2, you can also automate the deployment and reclamation of software using Jamf Policies*!  

  • Our modern interface will have you up and running in minutes vs. hours
  • Import all Mac, iOS & tvOS devices on your network
  • Inventory and normalize software with SAM-P
  • Create Software Catalog Items to automate software deployment (installation) from the ServiceNow Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Record software usage (metering) and reclaim underutilized licenses
  • Pull from multiple Jamf servers, cloud or on-premise
  • Optimized with input from Jamf, ServiceNow and our world-class ITAM architects
  • Doesn’t require professional services

System Requirements
CMDB required to inventory hardware, SAM-F or SAM-P required to inventory and automate software delivery (SAM-P recommended). Will fall back to legacy software packages and software instances if no SAM-F/SAM-P

Other Requirements
Jamf Pro licenses (We are Jamf partners and can be contracted to provide Jamf Pro implementation and licenses if needed)

Release Notes
New in version 1.2.0 - Automated Jamf Software Delivery and Reclamation*! You can now import Jamf Policies and create Service Portal Catalog Items that leverage those Jamf Policies to automate installation and reclamation/remediation/uninstallation of software.

  • Import Jamf Policies to use for Software Delivery
  • Software Configuration Wizard walks you through the creation of Software Catalog items
  • Built-in approval workflows automate deployment and reclamation of software, even creating Device
  • Allocations for Software Entitlements
  • Workflow creates Device Allocations for Software Entitlement of the requested software
  • Notify a procurement group when more licenses are needed for Software Entitlement
  • Auto-create Jamf Uninstall Policies to use for Software Reclamation of under-utilized or non-compliant software titles and save on your IT software expenditures
  • Optional support for Client Software Delivery (CSD), but CSD not required
  • Fix: "Jamf Duplicate Serial Numbers" correctly displaying on the dashboard
  • Fix: Software Transform maps correctly set (SAM-F/SAM-P support turned on by default) 
  • Fix: No longer creating product models
  • Fix: No choice action create on core_company
  • Improved display names for reference fields
  • Includes scripts to migrate data from deprecated Aeritae tables
  • Simplified Coalesce - migrates away from scripted coalesce for more flexibility in duplicate-prevention
  • Assets only coalesce on serial_number by default to account for assets created with serial_number but no manufacturer
  • Optionally map Jamf "Last Check-in", "Last Inventory Date", or integration import time as the Most Recent Discovery date


* Software Reclamation functionality only available for customers with the Software Asset Management Professional (SAM-P) plugin enabled. * Software Delivery functionality only available for customers with the Software Asset Management Fundamentals (SAM-F) or SAM-P plugins enabled.


Why ITS Partners? Because our ITOM & ITAM Practices have best in class CSAT & NPS scores.  We also implement & license ServiceNow solutions making us a one-stop shop for Jamf Pro implementation, licensing, and integrations.

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