Cisco Identity Services Engine

by Cisco
Jamf Pro and Cisco ISE ensure secure network access for Apple devices

Provide compliance checking and streamlined enrollment for devices connected to a client network through Jamf Pro and Cisco Identity Services Engine. The result? A streamlined onboarding process and confidence that devices are network-connected, managed, and compliant.

Jamf Pro integrates with Cisco ISE to ensure that only enrolled and compliant devices are allowed access to the network, or portions of it. Real-time integration between Jamf Pro and Cisco ISE enables administrators to use devices signals to determine access.

A critical component of any zero-trust strategy is securing the environment that everyone and everything is connecting to: the workplace. Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) enables a dynamic and automated approach to network access that uses software-defined access that leverages signals from partners.

To learn more about Jamf and Cisco ISE, see the following resources:

Network Security with Jamf and Cisco | JNUC 2017
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Cisco ISE integration
3 / 5 By mbracco on February 25, 2022
We used Cisco ISE for some years, and had lots of trouble with certificats and ldap integration. This apparently works a lot better if you use Active Directory as of only basic ldap support from cisco's side. Automatic certificat renewal is also very often problematic. As of Windows and Cisco Anyconnect in combination, it works.
Cisco ISE
4 / 5 By surajitbapan on February 25, 2022
I used Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) in my previous organization for Mac endpoints. The integration with Jamf Pro was really simple.It gave us endpoint visibility, which is connected in our infra and zero trust access control, as per the defined rules and policies. We were using it to authenticate our users based on their role/process, before granting them access to our network.
Cisco ISE
4 / 5 By smpotter on February 25, 2022
Most of the organizations I worked for in the past years have used Cisco ISE. Integrating this with Jamf Pro was easy and gave us visibility into the endpoints. We also utilize it to authenticate our users based on their role/process, before granting them access to our network.
Cisco ISE
4 / 5 By mmohamed on February 25, 2022
I'm not directly involved with it and we currently did not integrated into Jamf Pro but my coworkers that worked with it highly recommend it for it's features and ease of use.
Cisco ISE
5 / 5 By Samstar777 on February 27, 2022
We have evaluate this product, The integration with Jamf and Cisco ISE is very easy and it provides highly secure network access to users and devices with a zero-touch strategy.
Cisco ISE
4 / 5 By Ktrojano on February 28, 2022
We've used Cisco ISE for several years now. Based on the information we can gather from each device, we can then identify which wireless network the device can connect to and what services they have access to. We can also look at access history when necessary for disciplinary reasons. We ran into a few issues during the deployment, but once those were worked out the integration has been very beneficial in ensuring network security.
5 / 5 By Pieter on March 02, 2022
The integration with Jamf and Cisco ISE is very easy
Cisco ISE
5 / 5 By dawid.konopnicki on March 03, 2022
Very easy to integrate
The Marketplace description is too vague.
3 / 5 By Andreas_Schenk on March 18, 2022
The Integration might be nice, but the description here on the Marketplace is very vague. I'd love to learn more, but coud not find more information.
Cisco ISE
4 / 5 By Ecco_Luke on March 30, 2022
Easy integration and valuable insight into your Mac endpoints.
Easy integration
5 / 5 By mbuczkowski on April 06, 2022
The integration with Jamf and Cisco ISE is very easy
Smooth & Simple
5 / 5 By Jennifer Collins on April 14, 2022
The integration with Jamf Pro is smooth & simple, and provides endpoint visibility.

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