CareServant BV

by CareServant BV
Portal for personalized and fully integrated patient experience
  • A European software company previously owned by Philips, offering a portal for  personalized and fully integrated patient experience during, but also before and after the hospital stay.
  • Hospitals can satisfy patient’s key needs  - a wide range of entertainment, personalised information, efficient communication and engagement in various hospital processes (such as pre-admission, meal ordering, patient calendar and patient surveys) 

  • Hospitals will increase patient satisfaction, process efficiency  and digital transformation

  • The CareServant portal can be fully integrated within the hospital’s IT infrastructure, including the Admit/Transfer/Discharge process (via HL7) and EMR applications

  • CareServant’s software works best within the Apple eco-system, especially on iPad and Apple TV and side-by-side with Jamf Pro.

  • Using the Jamf Pro API, hospital-owned iPads and Apple TVs are automatically managed supporting the highest privacy and security standards.

  • Fully integrated, one-stop service & support due to CareServant's role as a Jamf Certified Managed Solutions Partner (MSP)

  • Currently available in several  key European countries (UK, GE, FR, NL, AT, CH), and flexible to expand beyond.

  • Key market is health care/hospitals; additional market segments, are old aged care and hospitality.

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