Vocera Edge

by Vocera Communications
Mobile Clinical Communication, Collaboration & Workflow in One App Experience

Edge consolidates secure messaging, voice, alerts, and nurse calls with EMR data and clinical workflows in one mobile app on one device. Edge enables safe, accurate communication by delivering real-time clinical data about the right patient to the right care team member in every secure message. Ease of use, intuitive workflows, and patient information context decrease communication inefficiencies to maximize HCAHPS and quality of care.

When communication and clinical workflows are unified, the care experience is transformed, enabling care teams to deliver better results. Edge is the only solution that enables both work and communication in a single application. From rounding to specimen collection to care interventions and more, Edge streamlines clinical workflow to improve productivity and clinical performance.

With Jamf Pro, iPhone can be deployed with the right security settings that healthcare organizations needs to protect PHI and maintain HIPAA compliance. Edge can be pre-configured through Jamf Pro with Managed App Configuration, Apple’s native framework for app configuration and security. This allows healthcare IT to leverage Jamf Pro’s OTA deployment workflows with Apple Deployment Programs, yet maintain a streamlined end-user experience without manual configuration on the device itself.

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This is an easily configured cloud-based application. The app has a solid app config and mobility guide. And once the cloud infrastructure is in place the results are solid.

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